This is a partial list of some of the other Alan Doves out there. If you share this name, please feel free to contact me and I’ll add your link to the page.

All of the Alan Doves on Facebook (I’m not on there anymore)

Alan P. Dove, Esq., an attorney in San Diego, CA.

Alan Dove Photography, a photographer in New Zealand.

Karting1, web site of British go-kart racer Alan Dove.

This Alan Dove does not appreciate being called “Gramps,” so knock it off.

Alistair Dove is not named Alan, but he goes by “Al Dove,” making it ambiguous, and like me he has a doctoral degree. That has led some folks to confuse us on occasion. We’re not the same person.

This Alan Dove is Director of Member Relations for the National Kitchen and Bath Association.