Welcome to the new site. A little while ago I decided that Wordpress had become a bloated monstrosity, so I moved the blog to a static site generator. I really liked a lot of things about that platform: it was self-archiving, stable, and very easy to maintain. Unfortunately, it introduced a tiny bit of additional friction into my blogging. The process of posting entailed a few new steps, and could only be done from a computer on which I'd installed the necessary tools. At the time, I didn't think those minor drawbacks would matter.

They did.

Looking back on the decade-long history of my blog recently, I noticed that the annual number of posts on my personal blog plummeted in 2015, and dropped to an all-time low in 2016. My science blog, which I launched as a separate site in 2013, followed the same pattern. By early this year, both blogs were moribund.

The new platform I've chosen, a nifty system called Grav, is somewhere between Wordpress's bloat and Pelican's minimalism. It stores posts in plain files instead of using a database, but it runs on the webserver and has an administration panel, so I don't have to rebuild the site on my desktop for each post and can theoretically blog from anywhere. We'll see how it goes.

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