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If you're anywhere near western Massachusetts and looking for a fun, welcoming environment in which to play Magic: the Gathering on Friday nights, check out the Pioneer Valley Planeswalkers. The only downside is that I might be in your draft pod, screwing up the signals.

My "eBriefing" on inflammation resolution is now online at the New York Academy of Sciences' site. This was a really interesting meeting to cover, and I hope that came through in the final piece.

I wanted to log a couple more hours of flight time this week, but couldn't decide what to do. Practicing the same maneuvers over and over gets old, and I didn't have a specific place to go. Then I remembered what Boeing pilots did recently when they needed to test the engines on their new 787. Giv...

My article on antibody validation just appeared in Science, and is free to read online. Enjoy.

Celebrating the grand re-opening of my science blog, I've gone all mystical and weird in a new post. Enjoy.

Welcome to the new site. A little while ago I decided that Wordpress had become a bloated monstrosity, so I moved the blog to a static site generator. I really liked a lot of things about that platform: it was self-archiving, stable, and very easy to maintain. Unfortunately, it introduced a tiny b...