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  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup: Hard Questions, Easy Answer

    If you’ve read anything about obesity and nutrition in the past few years, or paid any attention to food packages in the supermarket, you’re aware that there’s a bit of a controversy surrounding a sweetener called high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS. By “a bit of a ...

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  2. Single Molecule Determines Complex Behavior, Say Scientists

    In a groundbreaking new study, scientists at Some University have discovered that a single molecule may drive people to perform that complex behavior we’ve all observed. Though other researchers consider the results of the small, poorly structured experiment misleading, a well-written press release ensures that their criticisms will be ...

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  3. Political Science

    As the shoutfest The Onion fittingly dubbed “The War for the White House” staggers towards its storm-soaked climax next Tuesday, there’s one fundamental question that I don’t think has really been answered yet:

    Why are scientists such raving liberals?

    Obama Banner

    Yes, science moves in that direction too.

    We can ...

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  4. Making Your Experiments Easier to Digest

    One of the great things about being a science journalist is being among the first to hear about technologies that are cool, useful, and/or downright weird. Today, for example, I learned that the world’s leading manufacturer of artificial laboratory stomachs has released a fascinating new series of videos ...

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  5. Decoding ENCODE

    Today, a scientific collaboration called the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) published some of its data. When I say “collaboration,” I mean more than 400 scientists working in 32 different labs, and when I say “some of its data,” I mean over 1,600 experiments involving 24 types of analyses ...

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