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  1. TWiV 163: What Rous wrought

    Vincent, Dickson, Rich, and Alan review the 100 year old finding by Peyton Rous of a transmissible sarcoma of chickens, a discovery that ushered in the era of tumor virology.

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  2. You Get What You Pay For

    I occasionally get emails from people asking for career advice. They’re usually from graduate students or postdocs who are trying to decide whether to finish their current phase of scientific training, or switch into some other line of work. I always feel a bit guilty about responding. Frankly, I ...

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  3. TWiV #161 – Concerto in B

    Vincent, Rich, Alan and Gabriel review the production of antibodies by B cells, and how high affinity antibodies are selected in the germinal centers of lymph nodes.

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  4. The “Growing” Ham Radio Hobby – Or Is It?

    The American Radio Relay League, the main organization representing the US Amateur Radio community, likes to put out predictable press releases trumpeting the hobby’s growth. Back in October, they did it again:

    As the third quarter of 2011 came to a close, ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, began ...

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  5. The Other Superbugs: Pesticide Resistant Insects

    In 1955, the World Health Organization launched an ambitious campaign to eradicate malaria. The effort relied on new, synthetic antimalarial drugs such as chloroquine and a miraculous new insecticide called DDT. Initially, it went pretty well: several countries’ malaria rates plummeted. Then it fell apart. The malaria parasites became resistant ...

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