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  1. Cod's Country

    In the Massachusetts House of Representatives chamber on Beacon Hill, a four-foot wooden sculpture of a cod hangs from the ceiling. A fake fish in the rafters may seem whimsical, but the Commonwealth does not take it lightly. Nor should they.

    Since the first European arrivals reached New England, the ...

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  2. Going Around

    The landing wasn't bad. It met the minimum requirements. The wheels hit the ground with no more than a gentle bump, and I stopped before the end of the runway without having to stand on the brakes. Nothing broke and nobody got hurt, or even close to it. Nonetheless ...

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  3. Bay State Challenge: I Once Flew Myself to Nantucket

    Call me Alan. Some days ago, never mind how long precisely - having some money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on the ground, I thought I would fly about a little and see the aerial part of the state. It is a way I have of driving ...

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  4. Bay State Challenge: The Northeast Corner

    On 14 August, I woke to clear skies, light winds, and an open schedule, another perfect day for visiting a few airports. This time, my focus was the northeast corner of Massachusetts, a small area of land covered in deep layers of American history and politics.

    My ride was N94513 ...

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  5. Bay State Challenge: Road Trip 2

    This is the third part of a multi-part post. The series starts here.

    Because Independence Day fell on a Saturday this year, the day before was a semi-official national holiday. Some people had off work, others didn't, but nobody got much done. My own schedule was wide open: no ...

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