Wanna Wesort?

Now that I’ve become the world’s clearinghouse for information on Wesort sailboats (see earlier posts for background), it seems I might need to set up a classified ad section on the site. At least, I will if I get many more notes like this one from Kathy D.:

I have an old Wesort that I may give away. We have rebuilt it twice. It needs some work. I have the tiller, and drop down dagger board, the mast and all the sails are in great shape. The boat needs to be redone again. I don’t know what to do with it. I just bought a 1980 seidelmen 30T sailboat. I live in Virginia Beach Va. Do you know of anyone that might want it?

If anyone is interested in this free fixer-upper, you can drop a line through the “Contact” link above and I’ll forward your information to Kathy.