Wesorts in Pictures

Time now for another update from the odd world of Wesort boats. If you don’t know what this is about (and think you really want to know), you can check out my previous posts on these small sailing dinghies here, here, and here. Because I'm apparently a world authority on these vessels now, people have started contacting me about them, and this weekend correspondent Barbara Buckley sent along some photos taken by her father, Dennis Buckley. Here's her explanation:

My Dad was a part of a Severna Park group that built 18 wesorts in the 1960s.  He is busy digitizing old photos and slides. Our boat was number 132. The newspaper article is about a sailing instruction class I took part in.  Wesorts were well-represented. I loved that little boat.

Fiberglassing a Wesort.

Fiberglassing a Wesort.

Rigging a Wesort on land.

Rigging on land.

Sailing on the river.

Sailing on the river.

View of the bow.
View of the port side.
View of the transom.

Views of the rigged boat.

Newspaper article: page 1 and page 2