A Few Small Changes

Both regular visitors to this site may have noticed a couple of minor changes recently. In the menu bar at the top, there’s a new “Feed Reader” option. Hover over it and you’ll get a drop-down menu of different RSS feeds. Click any one of them to read a bunch of news under that topic, or click the main Feed Reader heading to get a selection of news from all of the sites I’ve connected to it.

I added this feature mainly for myself, after my preferred in-browser RSS reader (Brief) quit working just a week after Google Reader closed up shop. Many Reader refugees have fled to other “free” services, but I’m not convinced those companies will stay afloat, so I’m using my own self-hosted site as a feed reader now. The WordPress plugin RSS Multi-Importer makes this possible. I’ll probably be tweaking it a bit, but so far it seems like a workable solution. A minor side benefit is that it allows anyone visiting my site to read the same news feeds I’m reading.

I’ve also resumed posting links to each TWiV episode I’m on.

There are a few bigger changes in the works too, so if you were annoyed by the lengthening gaps between blog posts, you may be pleasantly surprised. Conversely, if you liked hearing less from me you may be disappointed.