Welcome to Wesort World Headquarters

Wayne sent this note through the contact form:

I sailed a Wesort my family owned back in the 70’s. I was a sloop rigged sailing rowboat designed and built locally in the Severn River region during the 60’s. Mine had the number 127, but I’m not sure how many were made. It was made of plywood with a flat bottom and wooden mast with a closet dowel for a boom. It was rather slow, but since it was a sloop it gave a more complete sailing experience than the faster and smaller Penquins that used to race together in Severn regattas.

Thanks, Wayne. I assume you found my post about Wesort boats through a Google search. That led me to do a search for ‘wesort boat’ myself, revealing that I’m apparently the internet’s leading authority on these small craft. And I know next to nothing about them.

Nonetheless, I want to welcome other Wesort fans to pop by. All of us here at Wesort World Headquarters will be happy to hear from you.