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  1. Moving from Wordpress to Pelican

    In the process of finding Site Sucker I also found something else. Apparently the cool kids have been moving their blogs over to something called static HTML generators for the past couple of years. As usually happens with trends, I only found out about it by accident.

    After reading about ...

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  2. How To Export a Wordpress Blog to Text Files

    The next couple of posts will be about some behind-the-scenes work I've been doing on the blog. These are mainly a way for me to record what I did for my own reference, but others may also find it interesting.

    This all started because of a brute-force attack on ...

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  3. Building a Radio with Surface-Mount Components

    I recently finished putting together a wonderful little ham radio transceiver from a kit. If you’re imagining a desktop-size Heathkit, think again. This was the latest creation from Steve Weber, KD1JV, who is the guru of a small but fanatically devoted cult of low-power radio enthusiasts. For several years ...

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